And the Best Screenplay Goes To

And the Best Screenplay Goes To

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This extensive look at what makes an Academy Award-winning screenplay is an insightful study of the details and nuances of three top scripts by one of Hollywood’s most respected screenwriting gurus.

This book provides a CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) approach to Academy Award-winning screenplays, giving you the nitty gritty details of how an Academy Award script was created.

Dr. Seger’s keen eye and vast experience shed light on the challenges that each screenplay had to overcome on the road to becoming an Oscar winner. Includes unique Script Analysis and never-before-published interviews with the writers/directors who’ve won the big award.

What people say

“Haggis and Moresco couldn’t have said it any better and they have the Academy Award. Your dissection of every plot line blending into the other is so on the money. I even picked up some nuances from you, and I’ve seen the film 412 times. Thanks. Every upcoming screenwriter should read this. Come to think of it, almost every screenwriter should read this.”

Mark Harris, Producer, Crash (Academy Award® for Best Picture)

“No study of the workings of a film script is better analyzed and better written than this. Seger is better at this than any books I’ve read about writing screenplays.”

Alvin Sargent, Academy Award–Winning Screenwriter, Ordinary People

“We go to movies with friends so we can talk about them afterwards. Reading And the Best Screen- play is like going to the movies with your best friend, if your best friend was the smartest person you’ve ever met — you come out loving the movie even more after you’ve heard her tell you why you loved it in the first place.”

Ellen Sandler, former Co-Executive Producer, Everybody Loves Raymond Author, The TV Writer’s Workbook


Vital statistics

ISBN-10: 1932907386
ISBN-13: 9781932907384
Publication date: 15 Aug 2006
Language: English
Dimensions: 312 pages

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