Digital Video Secrets

Digital Video Secrets

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What the Pros Know and the Manuals Don’t Tell You

Whether you spent $200 or $20,000 on your camera, this book will give you what you need to get a great look.

Here are 107 easy-to-apply digital video shooting secrets that “everyone knows” but no one will tell you. This is a “cheat sheet” for every filmmaker. It is loaded with practical, ready-to-use information that will improve the quality of your shooting from day one.

Inspired by such available light and low-budget films as Robert Rodriguez’s El Mariachi and Jon Jost’s Frameup, filmmaker Tony Levelle sets out on a mission to tell you how to do the same. Besides writing hundreds of corporate instructional manuals and making dozens of videos, Levelle recently co-authored (with Dorothy Fadiman) the book Producing with Passion: Making Films That Change the World.

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What People Say

“Very clear and precise. A layman can take this book and eliminate massive amounts of mistakes and actually make good movies.”

Alan Siegel, California Teacher of the Year (2005), teacher at nationally recognized, award-winning Carle High School

“Tony Levelle has put between two covers everything you need to know about the best and brightest ways to use your digital camera, regardless of what you’re shooting — from wedding videos to the next big ground-breaking low-budget sensation.”

John Gaspard, author of Digital Filmmaking 101, Fast, Cheap and Under Control and Fast, Cheap and Written That Way

“Digital Video Secrets is not only a terrific introduction to the craft of visual language, it offers up many of the purest essentials that experienced filmmakers often neglect. Tony Levelle has, quite simply, assembled a wonderfully proficient guidebook.”

Richard D. Pepperman, author of Film School, The Eye Is Quicker, and Setting Up Your Scenes


Vital statistics

ISBN-13: 9781932907476
Publication date: 1 Oct 2008
Language: English
Dimensions: 312 pages

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