First Time Director: How to Make Your Breakthrough Movie

First Time Director: How to Make Your Breakthrough Movie

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How to make your breakthrough movie.

A first time director needs a survival guide, not an encyclopedia. Gil Bettman tells you everything you must know about the easy stuff — preproduction and postproduction — so you can convincingly discharge your duties as a director in those areas. More importantly, he arms you with the information and strategies to kill the demons that will be coming at you right and left on the set.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Perfect your script and cast
  • Deal with your producer, cinematographer, First AD, editor and other key personnel
  • Move your camera and choose lenses that will capture the images in your head
  • Coax the best performance from any actor

This book will enable you to pull form from chaos and make the best film possible —no matter your resources.

What people say

“A valuable book by an experienced director that demystifies filmmaking.”
-Irvin Kershner,
Director: Star Wars V – The Empire Strikes Back, Never Say Never Again, Robocop II

“Bettman has brilliantly written a terrific insider’s introduction to the film-making process.”
- John Badham,
Director: Saturday Night Fever, War Games, Short Circuit, Bird on a Wire

“Gil Bettman has lucidly set down the ABCs of directing so that dedicated students can learn exactly what will be required of them when they step on to a set.”
-Robert Zemeckis,
Director: Cast Away, What Lies Beneath, Contact, Forrest Gump

About the Author

Gil Bettman is a director and an Associate Professor in the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts at Chapman University. His book, First Time Director, made the Los Angeles Times bestseller list. He recently completed his fifth feature film, Go There Once, Be There Twice, a documentary recap of the life and times of rock star Sammy Hagar. Bettman has also directed numerous rock videos and multiple episodes of primetime television.

In an engagaing FilmTalk on youtube link below, Gil Bettman shares outstanding techniques on how to direct an effective chase scene -

In an engagaing FilmTalk on youtube link below, Gil Bettman reveals inside techniques to create seamless, motivated camera moves from pre-production to the set itself. -


Vital statistics

ISBN-10: 0941188779
ISBN-13: 9780941188777
Publication date: 15 Oct 2003
Language: English
Dimensions: 9.1 x 6.1 x 0.8 inches

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