Ilahinoor: Awakening the Divine Human

Ilahinoor: Awakening the Divine Human

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Turkish for “divine light,” Ilahinoor
is here to help us co-create a new Earth.
The closer we come to planetary awakening, the stronger are the potentials for personal transformation, physical healing, and divine manifestation. A companion book to Year Zero: Time of the Great Shift, Ilahinoor is a handbook for a powerful healing practice known as Ilahinoor. This source energy can prepare us to ride the evolutionary wave that is coming our way and to manifest the “divine human” that slumbers within.

What People Say

Ilahinoor: Awakening the Divine Human is a well-woven journey drawn from prevailing scientific theory, ancient mythology, and personal experience. Kiara Windrider effortlessly combines multi-cultural threads into a rich tapestry of hope and practical application. This is truly a comprehensive guide to understanding and awakening our divine expression.”
— Lisa Wimberger, Author of New Beliefs, New Brain

Ilahinoor is a synthesis of right and left brain understanding of upcoming Earth and consciousness changes, as well as a practical method to help us through those changes. Kiara’s journey has been an adventure story in itself, one that has taken him to a visionary perspective that he embodies with gentleness and humility.”
— Mary Lou Johnson, Founder, Canadian Holistic Nurses Association

“The strength and flow of my Source connection has been greatly enhanced by my experiences with Ilahinoor.”
— Kimberley Jones, “The Energy Whisperer” and Author of Soul Whispers

“In this remarkable, objective, and soothing exploration of the exciting times we live in, Kiara Windrider allows us to directly experience the evolutionary shift in consciousness that is our personal and planetary destiny, mediated by a galactic light now flowing through us. Kiara refers to this galactic field as Ilahinoor, and with the customary clarity and simplicity that marks him and his writings, he shows us how we can each consciously connect with this field, ascending in consciousness even as the Light descends into our body and transforms it. Pay close attention: Ilahinoor is the light-line from the Divine here to save us from extinction.”
— Nilima Bhat, Founder/Director of Sampurnah - The Wholeness Practice (
“Ilahinoor is a truly precious and powerful gift for those yearning to receive and integrate Kiara Windrider’s guidance on their journey for spiritual awakening and wisdom surrounding the planet’s shifting process.”
— Alexandra Delis-Abrams, Ph.D., Author of Attitudes, Beliefs, and Choices

“How amazing to find ourselves in this momentous time in history. Despair often seems our only choice of response, but Kiara Windrider provides us with some of the most inspiring and hopeful navigational tools we will find anywhere. His work is well researched, poetic, and beautifully written. You will not find a more exciting guide to our planetary future — and most exciting is that under his gentle guidance, we can all be participants in this galactic wave of re-birth.”
— Carol and John Wiebe, Educators and Peace/Environmental Activists

“Having conducted Ilahinoor groups and teleconferences for over four years, we are continually impressed by how powerfully it catalyzes the embodiment of the Divine Light. There is nothing of greater importance at this crucial evolutionary time than continuing to raise the quotient of the Living Light we embody.”
— Barry Martin Snyder, Evolutionary Catalyst and Co-Author of Birthing the Luminous Self

“This book offers welcome practical advice about how one can actually energetically prepare for the biggest change that humanity has ever experienced. Here’s how to anticipate and be prepared.”
— John L. Petersen, Editor of FUTUREdition and Author of A Vision for 2012: Planning for Extraordinary Change 

KIARA WINDRIDER, MA, MFT, is the author of Deeksha: The Fire from Heaven and Year Zero: Time of the Great Shift. Trained in the spiritual traditions of India, Kiara now spends much of his life traveling and facilitating workshops on spiritual development, environmental healing, peacemaking, and social justice. Learn more at

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ISBN-10: 1611250102
ISBN-13: 9781611250107
Publication date: May 1, 2011
Language: English
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches

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