Psychology For Screenwriters

Psychology For Screenwriters

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Building Conflict in Your Script.

“My writing partners are Freud, Jung and Campbell…who are you working with now?”

Hitchcock once said: “Drama is just human life with all the boring parts cut out.”

This book will help you tap into these great psychological resources to learn how to write and reflect real human drama.

William Indick, who lives in Brooklyn, NY, is a screenwriter, author and Assistant Professor of Psychology at Dowling College.

What people say

“An insightful account of how psychological knowledge can elucidate and guide any filmmaking experience.

Unquestionably, it is must read material for screenwriters and anyone interested in understanding the intricacies of storytelling in the motion picture industry.”

Dr. Maura Pilotti,
Assistant Professor of Psychology Dowling College

“Indick brilliantly manages to bridge the gap between psychological theory and its application for screenwriting.

The most important insight a writer can get from this book, is that it helps understand why a character’s behavior comes across as unbelievable. In the majority of cases, this will be because stages in a psychological process have been skipped or portrayed wrongly. An excellent addition to every screenwriter’s bookshelf.”

Screentalk Magazine

“I found the book extremely well written and readable and, more importantly, easy to understand even without a Ph. D. in psychology. It is a hands-on study of character traits and how they define people and their enacting with the social world around them. Great stuff.”

Guido Henkel,
DVD Review


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ISBN-10: 0-941188-87-6
ISBN-13: 9780941188876
Publication date: 25 July 2005
Language: English
Dimensions: 9 x 5.9 x 0.8 inches

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