The Eye is Quicker: Film Editing

The Eye is Quicker: Film Editing

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Did you ever want to know how to apply simple and practical work techniques to all that film editing theory? Here is an authentic ‘How To Guide’ to make you a better editor of film or video. This is the most comprehensive book on the principles, methods and strategies vital to the creative art of film editing.

The information presented in The Eye is Quicker is adaptable to all tools and technologies. This vibrant approach to teaching editing uses dozens of examples from a wide array of films with terrific sequences. Pepperman makes clear what is constant in all great work and gives you all the tips you need to achieve your own greatness.

The Eye is Quicker: Film Editing: Making A Good Film Better is indispensable for screenwriters, directors and, of course, film and video editors.

What people say

“This wonderfully informative and entertaining book illustrates how our eyes, brain and nervous system interact to make the movies we watch so powerful.

“No one has Pepperman’s perspective on film editing.”

Everett Aison,
Screenwriter; Co-Founder, Film School, The School Of Visual Arts

“The Eye is Quicker is a brilliant ‘splice of life’ from a visionary teacher and film editor! The book is filled with illuminating insights and delightful anecdotes. Pepperman challenges the routine and cliche by offering up a new and vivid conversation about the art of film editing.”

Joan Brooker,
Director of the award winning documentary We Got Us


Vital statistics

ISBN-10: 0941188841
ISBN-13: 9780941188845
Publication date: 25 Mar 2004
Language: English
Dimensions: 9.9 x 7 x 0.6 inches

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