The Perfect Pitch

The Perfect Pitch

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How to Sell Yourself and Your Movie Idea to Hollywood – -

A good pitch can mean the difference between seeing your name at the top of a lucrative studio contract or on a form rejection letter. It’s a well-known industry fact that film executives typically devote about two minutes of their attention to directors and screenwriters who bring them their ideas hoping for a deal. Can you capture their attention and pique their interest in the time it takes to order a latte at Starbucks? Your future as a successful screenwriter or director may depend on it.

Part science, part art and 100% pure adrenaline. The Perfect Pitch, written by a Hollywood veteran, shows you how to make the most of your sales presentation and get your project sold. A great business book that any sales professional can use.

“Life’s a pitch. It can be said that all of life is a constant, ongoing sales pitch, You are selling yourself all the time, in any and all business or social meetings.”
(From the Introduction of The Perfect Pitch)

In today’s competitive marketplace, filmmakers, business professionals, and students all need to learn how to sell themselves and their ideas to be successful.

This 2nd edition of The Perfect Pitch includes new, state of the art information about pitching, networking, and much more.

The book’s author, Los Angeles-based Ken Rotcop, served as creative head of Embassy Pictures, Hanna Barbera, Transworld Pictures and Canon Films and produces Pitchmart, Hollywood’s biggest screenplay pitch event.

What people say

“Before you can get someone to read your screenplay you have to know how to pitch them on the idea. Ken Rotcop is the master at teaching writers how to pitch. Remember, it’s all in the pitch!” Oprah Winfrey, The Oprah Winfrey Show

“Two-thirds of the earth’s surface is covered with water and the other third is covered with people who have fabulous ideas for shows if only a producer would give them an opportunity. Ken Rotcop, an award-winning writer and producer, provides a guiding light to this group.” Robert Siegel, All Things Considered, National Public Radio

“Forget about snappy dialogue, characterization and plot. It’s the pitch that gets a script read and a movie deal done. If it were not for Ken Rotcop, most new writers would be out of the loop.” John Lippman, Wall Street Journal

“The art of pitching, it seems, is one part idea, one part delivery and about ten parts chutzpah. Ken Rotcop coaches his students on how to make prospective producers fall in love.” Patricia Ward Biederman, Los Angeles Times


Vital statistics

ISBN-10: 9781932907
ISBN-13: 9781932907520
Publication date: 1 January 2009
Language: English
Dimensions: 9 x 6.1 x 0.5 inches

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