Year Zero: Time of the Great Shift

Year Zero: Time of the Great Shift

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The year 2012 celebrates the beginning of
Year Zero: Time of the Great Shift clarifies the “big picture” of planetary evolution from the perspectives of ancient wisdom and modern science. It reveals an intricate interplay between cosmic and planetary phenomena in order to shape a new species of humanity on a rapidly evolving earth. Rather than waiting passively for something to happen to us, now is the time to actively dream a new world awake!

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What People Say

“I read this book twice because it was so provocative and compelling. Kiara Windrider has done something almost no other author has before. He has built an architecture – at the same time both scientific and spiritual – that, better than almost any other book I have read, explains what is going on in our world, solar system, and galaxy today . . . and where this all is going and what its implications for humanity are likely to be. Year Zero is an unusually authoritative, integrated picture of the future!”
— John L. Petersen, Editor of FUTUREdition and author of A Vision for 2012: Planning for Extraordinary Change

“As I write, I am days, possibly hours from experiencing the birth of my first child. I can barely contain myself as I implode with gratitude for the gift of Year Zero! Every word resonates on a cellular level, awakening ancient memories and realigning my consciousness with an unshakable knowing that the best has yet to come. This is more than a book; it is a manual for building the new world! A world I am honored to leave to my child.”
— Mikki Willis – new father/founder, ELEVATE

“Finally... a well researched book that brings us all the scientific facts about what might be happening to our planet, and the conclusion of incredible hope and promise for the Human race.”
— Lee Carroll, Author, Kryon series; co-author, The Indigo Children

“Kiara is a man of integrity who has really done his homework. At the same time, he is both very intuitive and mystical, and has used these gifts to explore, understand, and clearly explain to his readers the exceptional opportunities and possibilities that we as individuals and as a world have in front of us. It is said that, ‘Knowledge is power’ and Year Zero is powerful!”
— George Humphrey, Author and Radio/TV Host

“From a lifetime’s courageous spiritual quest, in Year Zero Kiara Windrider offers us a wonderfully wise and enormously inspiring guide to the extraordinary times we are living through. With great lucidity and profound compassion he compellingly weaves together the big multidimensional picture of the unique opportunity we now have to undergo an unprecedented shift of our collective consciousness that offers ourselves and Mother Earth the hope and potential of a truly golden era for 2012 and beyond.”
— Dr Jude Currivan, Cosmologist, Healer, and Author of The 13th Step and HOPE
“Amid the noise and tumult, the books and blogs, the assertions and opinions about 2012 and the time of shift, it is a blessing to receive Kiara Windrider’s stimulating Year Zero. He claims no certainties but lays out an illuminating series of perspectives which can only help us navigate the volatile years before us.”
Michael Glickman, Crop Circle Researcher

KIARA WINDRIDER, MA, MFT, is the author of Deeksha: The Fire from Heaven. Trained in the spiritual traditions of India, Kiara now spends much of his life traveling and facilitating workshops on spiritual development, environmental healing, peacemaking, and social justice. Currently, he is focused on planetary healing using a system of anchoring divine light known as Ilahinoor. Learn more at
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ISBN-10: 1611250072
ISBN-13: 9781611250077
Publication date: November 1, 2011
Language: English
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches

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