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5 Snow Movies

Snowman photoSnowed in? Here’s five random movies with snow in them to watch while waiting for the snow to melt.

Elf (2003)
An oversized elf (played by Will Ferrell in an unflattering pair of green tights) raised in the North Pole goes in search of his dad...

New Batman movie due in 2011

The third Batman movie in the new series should be released in 2011, its producer Michael Uslan says.

Uslan refused to reveal who the villains will be in the new Batman movie

“It’s one of those deals where if I told you, I’d have to kill you,” he says.


Spike Lee: 'James Brown biopic will go ahead'

Spike Lee has spoken about his planned James Brown biopic, insisting it will go ahead.

Lee told MTV News that Wesley Snipes will play the late soul singer.

“We’re doing it together,” Lee says. “It’s going to happen. He’s my man.”

Lee adds that Snipes will not sing in...

Megan Fox 'not involved' in Tomb Raider movie

Megan Fox’s representatives have denied reports that the Transformers actress will appear in the new Tomb Raider film.

Fox was rumoured to be stepping into Angelina Jolie’s shoes to play video game heroine Lara Croft.

The star’s rep says: “Megan is not involved in this movie.”

Downey Jr. feared being 'crucified' for Tropic Thunder role

Robert Downey Jr. says he was scared about being “crucified” for playing a black man in the movie Tropic Thunder.

In Tropic Thunder, Downey Jr. played Kirk Lazarus, an Australian actor who has plastic surgery to darken his skin for the role of a black soldier fighting in Vietnam.


Run DMC story planned for the big screen

Hip hop legends Run DMC’s story could be brought to the big screen by the man behind the Notorious B.I.G biopic, Notorious.

Screenwriter Cheo Hodari Coker is planning to adapt Bill Adler’s Tougher Than Leather – The Rise Of Run DMC for DJ Classicz, the urban department...

Scarlett Johansson wants to work with Tim Burton

Scarlett Johansson says she hopes to work with Tim Burton.

The actress has already worked with a number of top directors, like Woody Allen, Christopher Nolan and Sofia Coppola, and wants to work with Burton next.

“I would love to work with Tim Burton. I am a huge Tim Burton...

Woman launches The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button lawsuit

The makers of The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button movie are facing a lawsuit from an Italian office worker.

Adriana Pichini claims that film is based on a story she wrote in 1994 called Di Arthur All’innocenza (Arthur’s Return To Innocence), rather than a 1921 short story by F. Scott...

Denzel Washington voted America's favourite film star

Denzel Washington has been named America’s favourite film star for the third year in a row.

Washington received the most votes in The Harris Poll to find the most popular movie star.

Clint Eastwood was voted in second place, third place was shared between Will Smith and the late John...

Whoopi Goldberg unveils Sister Act musical cast

Whoopi Goldberg has unveiled the cast who’ll star in the West End stage adaption of her hit movie Sister Act.

American actress Patina Miller will play Deloris, the lead character played by Goldberg in the 1992 movie.
Goldberg called Miller, 24, “an amazing girl”.

British actress Sheila Hancock will...

Heath Ledger insurance lawsuit settled

A lawsuit over Heath Ledger’s $10m (£7m) life insurance policy has been settled out of court.

American firm ReliaStar Life Insurance was sued by the late actor’s lawyer, who claimed the company refused to pay death benefits to Ledger’s 3-year-old daughter Matilda.

Ledger died in January 2008 from an accidental...

Van Damme to make Bloodsport 2

Jean-Claude Van Damme is making a sequel to his first hit film, Bloodsport.

“We’re gonna do Bloodsport 2,” he told TotalFilm. “Which was my first movie. And I want to do it now in a very mature way, where the guy from Bloodsport is a complete bum, maybe abusing his...

Daniel Craig, Jamie Bell join Tintin cast

Billy Elliot actor Jamie Bell will star as Tintin in Steven Spielberg’s movie version of the comic strip.
Daniel Craig also joins Tintin’s cast as the pirate Red Rackham.

Actors previously confirmed for the movie include Hot Fuzz’s Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, who’ll play detectives Thomson and Thompson and...

Hilary Duff to star in Bonnie & Clyde remake

Hilary Duff will take on Faye Dunaway’s role as bank robber Bonnie Parker in a movie revamp of the Bonnie and Clyde story, it’s been reported.

The new movie will not be a direct remake of the 1967 original which starred Dunaway and Warren Beatty.

Kevin Zegers will take the...

Shrek's Puss in Boots gets spin-off movie

Shrek 2’s Puss in Boots will hit the big screen again in a spin-off movie, according to reports.

Dreamworks have hired Tom Wheeler to pen the film about the feisty feline.

It’s not known whether Antonio Banderas will return to voice the character.

Meanwhile, the new Shrek movie, Shrek Goes...

Jon Voight speaks on daughter Jolie's Oscar nomination

Jon Voight has spoken about his daughter Angelina Jolie’s Oscar nomination.

Jolie is nominated in the Best Actress category for her role in Changeling.

“Angie is fantastic in it,’ Voight said. “She may get the Oscar, who knows? I would like it and I’m rooting for that.”

Voight also rates...

Matt Damon: 'James Bond is repulsive'

Bourne trilogy star Matt Damon has blasted rival spy James Bond as “repulsive”.

Damon thinks the Bond character is out of date and hasn’t moved with the times.

“Bond will always be anchored in the 1960s and in the values of the 1960s,” Damon says.

“Bond is an imperialist, misogynist...

Ridley Scott to make A-Team movie

Ridley Scott is making eighties television show The A-Team into a movie, it’s been revealed.

Bruce Willis and Ice Cube are slated to take lead roles in the movie, Variety reports.

Joe Carnahan will direct the film.

The A-Team movie is planned for release in 2010.

Twilight star Pattinson blasts film industry

Twilight star Robert Pattison says he hates Hollywood’s obsession with money.

“I don’t like the way the film industry is,” Pattinson says. “If you come with a good script and then it goes to the studios and gets financing, it all gets changed because they want to make money.


Tomb Raider to return without Angelina Jolie

Lara Croft is return in a new Tomb Raider movie, but she won’t be played by Angelina Jolie.

Warner Bros have revealed a third Tomb Raider movie will be made.

Rumors are rife about who will take Jolie’s role, with Transformers actress Megan Fox said to be in the running...

Third Charlie's Angels movie in the works

Drew Barrymore has revealed she’ll be teaming up with Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz to make a third Charlie’s Angels movie.

Work is starting on the film, which will reportedly include a fourth female, six years after the last movie
Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle.

Barrymore says: “I’m so into...

Third Narnia movie to go ahead, after finance from Fox

The Chronicles of Narnia’s third movie installment will be made, after Twentieth Century Fox agreed to co-finance the film.

Disney pulled out of co-financing the third Narnia film, despite the first two movies performing well at the box office.

Scriptwriting work on third movie, which is scheduled for release in...

He-Man heading for the big screen

Animated hero He-Man will return to the big screen with a new movie.

Warner Bros will make the 1980s television series into a live action movie, called Masters of the Universe.

The Matrix producer Joel Silver and Kung Fu Panda’s director John Stevenson will work on the film.

Swayze has pneumonia

Patrick Swayze is being treated in hospital for pneumonia, a television executive has announced.

Swayze, who has pancreatic cancer, was scheduled to appear at a Television Critics Association meeting in LA to speak about his new drama The Beast.

Robert DeBitetto, who is an executive of cable channel A&E, apologized...

DiCaprio to star as hitman turned doctor

Leonardo DiCaprio is slated to produce and star in a movie in based on the new novel Beat the Reaper, by Josh Bazell.

Beat the Reaper is about a hitman-turned-doctor, whose past catches up with his when he is recognized by a mobster.

The director for the project is yet...

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