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"A Gift of Sacred Things: Meeting With Bali's Spiritual Masters

“A Gift of Sacred Things: Meeting Bali’s Spiritual Masters”

I set off to Bali with Alberto Roman (philospher and shamanic musician) who had worked with me on “The Shaman and Ayahuasca” (now in post production). The idea was to explore Bali’s concept of Niskala – or ‘the unseen world’. The...

Bali Brothers - Publishing the script as a book

BALI BROTHERS – Publishing the film script as a book

Scripts are usual secret documents that are only shared initially with actors, department heads and financiers. I took quite an opposite approach and just published the script which is now available in all bookstores and on Amazon

In Memory of Pablo Amaringo

Pablo Amaringo’s Vision

Almost exactly two months ago, my wife and I, and Alberto Roman were in Pulcalpa Peru interviewing Pablo for a book and a film. When we first arrived and met him he was beaming with love and warmly welcomed us. To honor him, I presented him with...

Major Influence: Buckminster Fuller

I’ve started to build a Youtube channel and I realize that I search existing videos many of my early influences can be found. One of my first searches with for Buckminster Fuller.

I started reading anything I could get my hands on by Buckminster Fuller when I lived in Japan...

Step by Step

Every filmmaker or author wants to get their work out into the world and move their new work forward. These thoughts land on me every day when I get rise. A few days ago I was in London and had another screening of THE SACRED SITES OF THE DALAI...

Cannes? Not this year.

Cannes is going on right now. I’ve been 5 or 6 times and decided to pass this year even though my sales agent is screening THE SACRED SITES OF THE DALAI LAMAS in the film market. But I’ve been to the film market screenings and its too painful to...

LA Wrap Up

I leave Los Angeles tonight for London. It’s been a very full and action packed trip. Loads of fun, extremely productive. I worked on Bali Brothers, Sacred Sites, MWP Books and met many dear friends.

One highlight – of course – was the showing of SACRED SITES OF...

Hit the Ground Running

I’m halfway through this trip to LA. Tonite is the showing of SACRED SITES - a high water mark.

So far I’ve had meetings with our company’s bookkeeper and accountant, Debbie and Steve. These folks are terrific. Without the smooth infrastructure they provide, business would be impossible. Each time...

Between London and LA

I’m in Heathrow airport – a kind of holding tank purgatory. Not quite London and certainly not yet LA. Last night I had dinner with Phil Barantini and Rebecca Grant – two of the leads for the upcoming film BALI BROTHERS. It’s very exciting to begin the process with...

"SACRED SITES" is Breaking Out

I am sitting here amazed – watching this little film have a life of its own. People are coming out of the woodwork to see it and to help get it out in the world. Wherever we present it, whether its a film festival or a public screening – people...

What Film Students Want to Know

Melinda Burns is a film student at the University of Iowa. She had an assignment to do an industry report and interview someone. She picked me. Here are her questions and my replies.

1) What is your educational background? What did you focus on in school, and how has it...

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