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Storygeeks interview Michael Wiese

Interview with Michael Wiese by Jeff Lyons

I am very pleased to have the renowned publisher Michael Wiese (Michael Wiese Productions) here to share his views on some of the challenging issues facing writes, publishers and new media developers in today’s ever-changing media marketplace.

Michael’s publishing company (

Hardware Wars - The Whole Story

Great thanks go to Clive Young who supplied this chapter from his new book HOMEMADE HOLLYWOOD: FANS BEHIND THE CAMERA. His writing is the most complete and accurate story of the short film parody of “Star Wars” which broke all box office records and spawned a whole generation...


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What is "Conscious Media"?

Dear Fellow Filmmakers and Writers,

I’ve been musing on a new paradigm that I see emerging – and with some focused efforts we can help move this along. I’ll call it “conscious media”. It’s intent is different from most media production because – well – it’s conscious about what it...

Michael Wiese's 2010 Film Workshop

Download the complete description for the workshop

June 6 – 12th in Rockport Maine at The Maine Media Workshops

Space is limited to 14. If you wish to attend, please book early because this popular workshop fills up. Michael Wiese lives in England and this...


Many of these authors will consult with you on your projects. Consulting authors

Christopher Vogler, author of the international best-seller The Writer’s Journey describes the structural steps in the hero’s mythic journey which can be found in...

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