Many of these authors will consult with you on your projects. Consulting authors

Christopher Vogler, author of the international best-seller The Writer’s Journey describes the structural steps in the hero’s mythic journey which can be found in most great stories. Guaranteed to change the way you think about storytelling: “The Writer’s Journey”

Judith Weston discusses the ineffectiveness of ‘result directing’ and presents film directors with new skill sets which will evoke powerful and memorable performances. Her international best-selling books are “Directing Actors” and “The Film Director’s Intuition”

Paul Chitlik has taught thousands of screenwriters at UCLA’s film school. In his new book, he shares invaluable techniques for the most important step when finishing your screenplay – the rewrite. “Rewrite: A Step-by-Step Guide to Strengthen Structure, Characters, and Drama in Your Screenplay”

Deke Simon – author of Film and Video Budgets describes the budgeting process with great insight and humor. This is the industry “bible’ on budgeting. Kick-start your movie planning with Deke’s book, “Film and Video Budgets”

Ken Rotcop, master pitch man and former creative head of four studios, discusses the new edition of his book, The Perfect Pitch with techniques for successful pitching. Coming soon. Watch this space.

Michael Hauge has taught screenwriting to over 30,000 writers and filmmaker and coached hundreds on their screenplays and pitches. Now he shares with you how to execute the final step – the pitch – which will enable you to get your screenplay read. A ‘must have’ book: “Selling Your Story in 60 Seconds”

Howard Suber is the “Yoda” of all filmmaking teachers. He taught more than 65 courses in 40 years at UCLA’s celebrated film school. He has been a consultant to every major film studio. His former students are now the most accomplished writers, directors and producers in the industry. His book examines the principles that make films popular and memorable and will be of interest whether you want to make films or just appreciate films. “The Power of Film”

Pamela Douglas teaches at USC, has won the Humanitas Prize, been nominated for an Emmy, and has friends in television’s top shows such as NYPD Blue, ER, Grey’s Anatomy and more. She discusses television and its future and how you can write for the new media platforms. Her best-selling book will help you in the art and craft of writing for TV. “Writing the TV Drama Series”

Michael Halperin, Ph. D., television writer, screenwriting instructor and former Executive Story Consultant for 20th Century Fox Television discusses his book, . “Writing the Killer Treatment: Selling Your Story Without a Script”

Michael Halperin, Ph. D., television writer, screenwriting instructor and former Executive Story Consultant for 20th Century Fox Television discusses his book, . “Writing the Second Act: Building Conflict and Tension in Your Film Script”

Pamela Jaye Smith, mythologist and writer goes to the very source of character motivation and action and discusses the fascinating world of archetypes, mythology and the chakra system. Learn to apply these timeless principals of successful story-telling to your own stories with
“The Power of the Dark Side”

Pamela Jaye Smith, mythologist and writer, gives you the tools to create really bad-to-the-bone antagonists to raise the dramatic conflict in your stories and scripts. For the secrets to creating powerful characters read “Inner Drives”

David Sonnenschein, sound designer and director, demonstrates the power that sound design brings to the movie-going experience and discusses how to create your own movie sound in
“Sound Design”

Marcie Begleiter, storyboard artist, explains how to use tools such as storyboards, overhead diagrams and illustrations to previsualize your film. Check out her excellent book “From Word to Image”

Blake Snyder wrote Save the Cat which has been the #1 best-selling screenwriting book on Amazon for over a year. In this interview he explains what to do to create a great script. Check out his book “Save the Cat”

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