What is "Conscious Media"?

Dear Fellow Filmmakers and Writers,

I’ve been musing on a new paradigm that I see emerging – and with some focused efforts we can help move this along. I’ll call it “conscious media”. It’s intent is different from most media production because – well – it’s conscious about what it is attempting to do.

Below is the beginnings of a ‘talking paper’ whereby we can bring this into our own discussions, share with students, write about in our articles and book, or employ in our filmmaking.

Whatever it is, I invite you to participate in helping me define it before we put it out into the wider world. You may email me at

Naturally, you are welcome to use whatever comes from this discussion in your own work. Let’s put our collective mind into this and be amazed by what happens!

Thank you.


Defining “Conscious Media”

• It pulls back the veil and reveals special worlds.

• It draws on the wisdom of the masters of all traditions.

• It celebrates possibilities, differences, and hope.

• It engenders high emotions in its audience like love.

• It is grounded in myth.

• It relieves suffering.

• It is international and bridges every demographic.

• It is for the young and the old.

• It brings together the seen and unseen worlds.

• In its production it is non-exclusive, non-discriminatory and non-exploitive.

• It is honest in its marketing and fulfils the high standard expectations stated above.

• It is participatory. Audiences do not zone out, they zone in. They meet the medium of delivery (film, tv, game) halfway and supply the missing pieces.

• It is an initiation. It is cathartic and transformative. You are changed after seeing it.

• It expresses our interconnectedness and oneness.

• It is healing.

• It reveals our true nature.

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