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Writing the great American novel has been replaced by the dream of making the next great independent film or generating a million hits on Youtube. Or maybe it’s setting up a high-def digital movie studio in your own home. If you have this dream, you need to hear what Michael Wiese has to say. Make your dream a reality!

Independent film guru and best-selling author Michael Wiese conducts an internationally renowned, no-nonsense seminar about developing, financing, producing and distributing your film or video with an emphasis on the emerging digital video technologies.

“It’s finally happened. The tools of production and distribution can be yours to create whatever it is you desire, for very little money, without depending on Hollywood for a hand-out. I know – I just made a documentary feature for under $10,000 which was sold in the film market at Cannes,” Wiese says. “Next step for most filmmakers is to understand how all the pieces from development and financing through production and distribution fit together so that you can actually make a livelihood from your efforts.”

No smoke, no mirrors. This seminar is from someone who is constantly developing, producing and marketing new films and videos, you’ll learn about independent filmmaking triumphs and pitfalls; what to do and what to avoid.

The seminar covers a wide range of hard-to-get, “must-know” information for independent media-makers, ranging from how to find investors, sponsors and co-producers to effective marketing techniques to get yourself and your project noticed in an ever-crowded marketplace. You can come with an idea and leave with the makings of a business plan.

Wiese will share tips on strategies for raising financing, finding distributors and avoiding the traps found in the so-called “standard distribution contract”.

Moreover, in a specially designed “pitch session”, Wiese will help you find your unique voice and skills and turn these special gifts into a vocation.


Highest Rated Seminar!

In seminars for The American Film Institute, Kodak (at Cannes) and Rockport’s International Film Workshops participants have consistently rated Michael’s seminar 93% – 96% in “meeting or exceeding my expectations”.

Find out for yourself why many filmmakers say: “This is the best seminar I’ve ever attended!”

Michael Wiese can customize this content for half-day, full day, two day or five day workshops based on the needs of the audience and sponsor.

Call Ken Lee at (206) 283-2072 or email or Michael ( for more information.

For writers, directors, producers, camera persons or anyone simply interested in learning more about film and video-making.

In this lively, entertaining and informal seminar you will learn how to:

  • Develop a successful script
  • Give investors want they want
  • Get financing from investors, distributors and many others
  • Add promotable elements to your package
  • Prepare a business plan
  • Prepare income projections
  • Spin plates among stars, investors, distributors and sponsors
  • Assemble a winning team
  • Obtain marketing which is more important than dollars
  • Cover yourself legally
  • Put together financial projections
  • Identify hidden sources of money in your project
  • Find producing partners
  • Target distributors
  • Develop your own pitch that sells
  • Identify your own unique skills
  • Choose the right digital tools
  • Get into production


Michael Wiese is a producer-director-publisher with over 35 years experience in film, television, home video and publishing.

He was formerly Vice President at Vestron Video where he headed the original programming division and released videos in every conceivable genre including kid’s, music video, documentaries, exercise and sports earning over $100 million in revenues.

He has written eight best-selling “how-to” film books including the “bible” Film & Video Budgets (3rd Edition). He recently directed The Sacred Sites of the Dalai Lamas for international distribution and is currently preparing to direct Bali Brothers, a supernatural drama.

Michael Wiese has been presenting versions of this seminar to thousands of filmmakers all over the world since 1981. Those who’ve read his many books, attended his seminars or have worked with him are now making world-class films, videos and television programs. Wiese brings both a well-developed vision and practical methods for getting-it-done.

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