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In Post-Production/ Release 2011


In 1970 the young filmmaker Michael Wiese arrived in Bali and was taken to a remote village by a Balinese painting salesman. He became the first Westerner to live with the Balinese in this village participating in temple ceremonies, playing gamelan, painting, and seeing shadow plays.  The longer he stayed, the more he realized that he was not really ‘seeing’ the world where the Balinese lived.  In that world, the Balinese spend half their life participating in elaborate rituals and ceremonies evoking the spirits of the ancestors and honoring countless spirits deities - both gods and demons – who influence our world.

Michael wanted to learn more about these dimensions awash with spirits and powerful entities so common in Bali but unheard of in the Western world, but after 40 years and many visits, little progress was made.  Then, a breakthrough occurred.  Bali yielded its secrets as trance dancers, mediums, shadow masters, priests and healers revealed the spiritual practices and portals to these sacred dimensions.

The result - a filmic treasure with many never-before-seen moments that makes us question everything we know about the nature of reality, consciousness and the source of creativity and inspiration.


Release June 2011

THE SHAMAN & AYAHUASCA: Journeys into Sacred Realms

Ayahuasca is a entheogentic or psychoactive vine-based plant brew that has been used for healing by shamans for thousands of years. It is widely known throughout South America for its healing and visionary properties that has, in recent years, caught the attention of the Western world. Ayahuasca is called a ‘plant teacher’ because it can heal physical, psychological and emotional blocks and through vivid visions take the patient to other realms and dimensions providing profound insights into human beings’ true nature and place in the cosmos.

Intrigued by these extraordinary claims, filmmaker Michael Wiese went to the home of Don Jose Campos, an internationally known Peruvian shaman or curandero, to experience first hand the healing and transformational aspects of Ayahuasca.

Shot on location in the jungle and in the Amazonian river towns of Pulcallpa and Iquitos Peru, this 73-minute film documents the shamanic work and ayahuasca ceremonies of Don Jose Campos and includes the last filmed interview with internationally renowned visionary painter and former shaman Pablo Amaringo. Also included are interviews and an exploration of medicinal plants with famed biochemist Julio Arce Hildalgo. The film features the music of Peruvian recording artist Artur Menas Salas and will be released in June 2010.

Michael Wiese Productions will also publish a book of the same title.

On Hold

Bali Brothers

When Nick goes missing, he is found in Bali by Eddie, his adopted brother. Old wounds are opened up when they both fall in love with the same village girl – an apprentice to the shaman- with real magical powers. Will Nick accept the “unseen world” in order to save Eddie from madness and Bali from cataclysmic destruction?

In Release

The Sacred Sites of the Dalai Lamas: A Pilgrimage to The Oracle Lake

A remarkable pilgrimage which visits the sacred sites of the Dalai Lamas in Tibet. This fascinating journey explores the caves, monasteries and power places where the early Buddhist masters meditated and achieved enlightenment. At an altitude of over 17,000 feet – it looks down into the famous oracle lake of Lhamo Lhatso where every Dalai Lama has had prophetic visions.

Dolphin Adventure

“A close encounters of the aquatic kind.” An underwater feature documentary of interspecies communication experiments with a school of wild dolphins in the Bahamas. Shown on PBSS and the BBC and in over 35 countries, numerous awards.

Field of Fish
Field of Fish

A short film follows the last great adventures of The Witchey Eye Gang as they spy on the grown-ups in a Cornish fishing village and befriend Jeremiah Jolliff, who fishes from his boat in a field. Narrated by Sir Ian Holm.

Diet for a New America
Executive Producer

Genesis Award for “Best PBS Documentary-1991”), based on John Robbin’s Pulitzer nominated book. John Robbins, son of the founder of the Baskin-Robbins ice-cream empire, presents an exploration of the American food industry and how an animal-based diet is killing Americans and destroying the enviroment.

Shirley MacLaine’s Inner Workout

Shirley MacLaine guides the viewer on open-eye meditations based on the ancient Chakra system. American Film Institute award for “Best New Age” video and on the best-selling video charts for years.

Strawberry Fields (1985-88)
Executive-in-charge of Production

An incomplete animated feature film a la “Yellow Submarine” with Beatles’ songs performed by Michael Jackson, Cyndi Lauper, Robert Palmer, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Crosby-Stills-Nash. Voices of Debra Winger and Steve Guttenberg as Michele and Jude.

The Beach Boys: An American Band
Executive Producer

A “rockumentary” on the ups and downs and darkside of the Beach Boys with over 43 classic songs.

Radiance: The Experience of Light

A new age classic that explores the light that surrounds mystics and holy men.

Hardware Wars

Hardware Wars

A popular short film parody of “Star Wars” which reached cult status, launched the “fan film” genre and became one of the top grossing short films of all time. Winner of 15 First Place awards, George Lucas called it his “favorite parody of Star Wars”. Rereleased as a DVD packed with new special features from satiric genius Ernie Fosselius.

Silver Box (1974)


An autobiographical journey of the young filmmaker’s life including travels in Japan, Java, Bali, India, Nepal, East Africa, Egypt and Greece. A journey of the soul through time and space.

Messages, Messages

Made with Steven Arnold and premiered by Salvador Dali in New York City, this homage to surrealism was invited to “Director’s Fortnight” at the Cannes International Film Festival. The film was Wiese and Arnold’s thesis film at The San Francisco Art Institute.

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