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Film Production

Our films are primarily projects which are developed and directed by Michael Wiese.

Michael Wiese is an American director, producer, author, and publisher with over 35 years experience in film, television, pay TV and home video who presently lives in Cornwall England.

He has worked both within the industry and as an independent in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles and England.

He was former vice president of Vestron Video where he developed, produced and/or acquired over 200 programs which earned over $100 million in wholesale revenues. He created a comedy line with videos from Whoopi Goldberg, Robin Williams, Richard Pryor, Billy Crystal and many more. He launched video lines for National Geographic, The Smithsonian, NOVA, Audubon and PBS Home Video. He was a consultant to Republic Pictures, Hanna Barbera and National Geographic.

Michael’s producing and/or credits include Shirley MacLaine’s Inner Workout, The Beach Boys: An American Band, Hardware Wars, Dolphin Adventures, Diet For A New America_,_Field of Fish, and The Sacred Sites of the Dalai Lamas.

He has written eight film books including Film & Video Budgets and The Independent Film & Videomaker’s Guide.

Michael has presented seminars for The American Film Institute, Kodak, The BBC, The International Film and Television Workshops and in 15 U. S. cities, England, Wales, Ireland, France, Finland, Germany, Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia

He is preparing to direct the feature – Bali Brothers.

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