Alone in a Room

Alone in a Room

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Ever wonder how the really successful screenwriters get their job done when confronted with a blank page? Ever wish you could get these big-money writers to really tell you the tricks, techniques and secrets for sitting down and churning out one successful screenplay after another?

This book does exactly that. You’ll learn how screenwriters handle difficult deadlines, face paralyzing writer’s block and conquer unparalleled pressure. You’ll discover the practices, standards, philosophies, and insider tricks that make sure a professional gets the work done.

This book tackles the hard truths that other screenwriting books are afraid to confront. It digs deep into both the craft of writing and the business deals writers face in the most competitive literary field in the world – where an aspiring writer must get the work done properly, or fail. Lewinski reveals to his readers what they must know to succeed.

What people say

“John Scott Lewinski provides an entertaining, informative, yet realistic take on the entertainment industry. His book offers a rare view of Hollywood’s inner-workings from a writer’s perspective that’s educational and never cynical or bitter.”

J.C. Spink,
Producer: The Ring, The Butterfly Effect

“As a journalist and screenwriter, John Scott Lewinski brings industry savvy to his work. He’s a student of the industry, and he brings that enthusiasm to this book.”

Beth Bohn,
Agent, APA


Vital statistics

ISBN-10: 0-941188-93-0
ISBN-13: 9781932907254
Publication date: 1 Jan 1900
Language: English
Dimensions: 8.8 x 6 x 0.6 inches

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