The Art of Film Funding: Alternative Financing Concepts (2nd Edition)

The Art of Film Funding: Alternative Financing Concepts (2nd Edition)

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Have you ever found money hidden in the pages of a book?

Here’s your chance.

In this new and updated edition of The Art of Film Funding, veteran fundraiser and filmmaker Carole Lee Dean tells you everything you need to know to get your film project off the ground. This book should be the centerpiece of every filmmaker’s research library and financing strategy. 

Learn winning techniques from a woman who writes checks to independent filmmakers. This book will show you the inside track to funds from corporations and individuals to produce your films. It is the ultimate reference guide for creating the perfect pitch, inspiring your winning application, finding and connecting with funding organizations, making a successful “ask”, and landing the money to make your film.

What people say

“Dean has assembled insights and wisdom that will prove immensely useful to filmmakers in their search of funding.”
— Mark Litwak, attorney and author

“Dean has years of experience both as a producer and a funder and her new second edition is full of nuts-and-bolts information from both sides of the fence, told in a conversational and heart-felt manner. A great new addition to the filmmaker’s lexicon.”
— Morrie Warshawski, consultant and author of Shaking the Money Tree

“This new edition gives you the tools you need to make your dream a reality. Carole refers to it as an art for good reason. It’s all subjective, there are many different forms, but in the end, you’re putting together your own personal masterpiece.”
—Tom Malloy, actor/producer, author of Bankroll

“Packed full of information, juxtaposed with kind words and wisdom from a woman who has spent her life nurturing filmmakers.”
— Barbara Trent, Academy Award-Winner, The Panama Deception

“This book is the most intelligent, insightful and comprehensive guide to finding the money that I have ever read. Carole Dean is the independent filmmaker’s best friend!”
— Christopher Ward, Award-Winning Independent Filmmaker

“My hat’s off to Carole Dean for writing The Art of Film Funding. Written with a spiritual perspective and trust for your intuition, she not only acknowledges these creative forces, but rightfully honors the business process as an art in itself! What a joyful journey into filmmaking.”
— Wendy De Rycke, Indie Producer


CAROLE LEE DEAN gives three film grants a year valued at more than $100,000. She is president of a nonprofit company that works for filmmakers as a fiscal sponsor and is now partnered with Indiegogo for crowdfunding. She travels worldwide, devoting her time to writing, creating grants, and supporting filmmakers.


Vital statistics

ISBN-10: 1615930914
ISBN-13: 9781615930913
Publication date: July 1, 2012
Language: English
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches

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